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Today's random thought:

It's almost comforting to know that, no matter where you are in the world, people will still be tagging giant penises on the sides of buildings.

mon petit chou!

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It's weird. It also took us 6 HOURS OF WALKING to finally get dad to break down and call a taxi to get us to our hotel. Because his directions from the internet were wrong. And his GPS wasn't working. I passed out as soon as we got to the hotel. Mostly because I was carrying 700 pounds of luggage and sick and my knees were killing me. I almost didn't even wake up for food.

(And I missed teen wolf. So I'm sad about that. And I'll miss next weeks!)

BUT! I can see the Eiffel Tower from our balcony! And the food is really good!

this is how i feel

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Have I even told you all that I've been compromised by Teen Wolf?

Because I so have. I've fallen SO HARD for that show, y'all have no idea.

Also, tonight was the season 2 premiere.